Confirmation on these three please

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Confirmation on these three please

All birds at Sydney Olympic Park\Newington

Honeyeater I think is Fuscious

Little Grass Bird (in the long grass)

Golden Finch? collecting nesting material

I went looking for kingfishers along Haslams Creek (found none) and end up with forest/plains birds at Newington/Wentworth Point... Thats birding for you. 

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1 White Plumed Honeyeater

3 European Goldfinch

2 might be a Golden headed Citicola


Thank you kindly. 

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Some of my best days, and best photos for that matter have been when I'm out looking for something else "the ones I'm looking for  just seem to know and go into hiding " the Golden Headed Citicola is one of them .

I have just discoved a colony of Goldfinches living beside the railway line near where I live,I don't know whether to be happy about it or not, they're a very nice looking little bird but thay are an introduced species.

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confirm Sparrow's ID of #2 as a non-breeding plumage Golden-headed Cisticola; the the black streaked crown and light to buff throat & belly are the indicators; there was another recent ID of the GhC



There were quite a few in the long grasses of the hill at Millenium Parklands bordering The highrise development of Wentworth point.

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How wonderful Richard. I have only seen a few Golden-headed Cisticolas , one in my local park and some at the Treatment Plant outside of Melbourne. Great find, nice photosyes


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Looks like a Golden-headed Cisticola. Especially if your heard/seen it make a long zitting call like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

They are starting to get VERY vocal now. We had quite a few along the Parra River, Newington on Sunday morning while hoping to photograph the Sea Eagles


DNA. I reckon I saw you with your bazooka along the river facing the wetland about 9.30ish Saturday.

I saw the cistcola (cisticolae?) on the hill in the early afternoon. How did you go with the eagle?

I disturbed a brown raptor about the size of a raven along Haslams creek firetrail and saw what looked like a B S kite from the top of the hill too. Both were heading in the opposite direction. (not surprisingly) 

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My friends Peter (Canon) and Steve (Black Nikon 600/4VR) were there on Saturday. I went Sunday morning. It's too far from Penrith. I have my own sea eagles and their nest as close as Newington with no traffic. :)

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That's interesting on the Cisticola.

That was my first impression too, but I would probably have used the nominative "Golden-head" as an identification point, and ruled it out.

Didn't know that was part of their breeding plumage.



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