Crested Terns - fish exchange

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Crested Terns - fish exchange

I am still sorting old pics and found this series of pics of a fish exchange between 2 Crested Terns and thought that it was interesting

please excuse some of the pics as they are blurred

and a final pic from a different series

taken at Flat Rock, Ballina, NSW in Feb '12

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That looks suspiciously like courting behaviour to me - the equivalent of flowers & chocolates.

Shirley Hardy
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Yeah, it does, doesn't it, Woko? It reminds me of some bird species (I might be imagining it or I've been watching too much tv) that offer rocks to a potential mate. I'm thinking penguin species here. But I think some species do offer food as a way to please a potential mate, to make the potential mate choose him/her. 

I absolutely love the expression on the bird without the fish in the 3rd to last photo. Couldn't help myself - your photos need captions. Here's my version of captions.

1. He says: Look what I got you. She says: Is that for me?

2. She says: I feel so proud of you.

3. He says: Are you going to take the fish? She says: I'm thinking about it.

4. She says: Okay, I'll take the fish.

5. She says: Wait, what's that on your beak?

6. He says: I don't know what you're talking about. Take the bloody fish already.

7. She says: Alright. Stop nagging me. I'll take the fish.

8. She says: Oh, just wait. This fish is really slippery.

9. He says: Thank goodness she took the fish. She says: Oh my. This fish is really heavy.

10.She says: I think I need to sit down for this one.

11.She says: Seriously? What do you want me to do with this fish? He says: Give it back to me.

12. She says: But I just sat down. Now you want me to get up, too?

13. Silence.

14. Awkward silence.

15. She says: Here. Take your darned fish. I didn't like it anyway.

16. He says: Can never please that woman. Maybe junior might like it.

17. He says: Hey, who invited your mother?

Just for laughs!

I'm at Tenterfield, NSW. (Formerly known as "Hyperbirds".)

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Very funny Hyperbirds, made me laugh.

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