Curlew in my garden

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Curlew in my garden

I have a what seems to be a juvenile Bush Stone-curlew in my garden.  It's a big private garden and, whilst they often visit, this is the first one to stay, and I've been here for twenty years.  I'm concerned as I have someone who mows the lawn and uses a ride-on.  I can ask him to avoid the area where s/he tends to be.  Will the mower scare her off anyway?

I adore these birds and want to encourage her to stay.  She's only been here four days but doesn't seem to leave at all.

Any other advice gratefully accepted.

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I know little about Bush Stone-curlews, Sakshi, but generally speaking disturbance, particularly from a noisy machine will keep wildlife away, at least until it can see that there's no threat. I recall a post on Birds in Backyards of this species in a car park so it seems to be a species that will adapt to noisy human activity.

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