Damaged Wattlebird

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Damaged Wattlebird

We discovered a mature male wattlebird lying on it's back next to the footpath. When we tried to pick it up, it flew off into a tree, but could not perch on a branch, and fell down to the ground, where it rolled around unable to use it's legs. We have taken it home and kept it quiet all night. This morning he is taking some sugar water, and is more energetic, but is still unable to stand up. There is no obvious damage to him. Is there somebody out there who can advise the best treatment - should we take him to a vet, to test for broken bones? He is not able to fend for himself.    

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Hi Chris


Your best bet is to either take it to your local vet (even better if you know an avian vet), or contact your local wildlife rescue. There are some links here: http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/help/faq#faq-category-2138

Dont give him/her anything else to eat and just keep it nice and quiet in a dark box.

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