Eastern Rosellas

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Eastern Rosellas

I have finally after four long years coaxed the Rosellas back to nest in my front tree, after the Indian minors took over their nest and killed the babies. I had to redesign the nesting box and sort the minors in the process. However horror of horrors a possum has just attacked the female tonight and the female is injured and left the eggs, living in suburbia it is a little bit of joy every morning and night going and coming home to be greeted by mother bird. I think this year is over for them any tips on keeping possums at bay?

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Hi alotof.

A friend of mine tightly wrapped & rivetted thin but broad metal sheets around the trunks of his two trees which provided a pathway for possums to his roof. The possums were shaken & deterred.

In a healthy environment with lots of natural native vegetation & biodiversity possum raids on Eastern Rosella nests would be part of the ebb & flow of life. If you live in an environment where there are few of the features of a healthy natural environment you might want to consider my friend's approach.

Indian Mynahs or Common Mynahs are certainly a pest & I'm wondering what you did to "sort" them.

I'm pleased to say I've yet to see any where I live in SA but I believe a growing number of groups have been formed to eradicate them where they have invaded. There might be one in your neck of the woods which you could join & share ideas with. Or you could approach your local council about forming one. Other than that, eradication actions include

  • encourage your neighbours to avoid leaving rubbish lying around which the Mynahs can use nesting material
  • ensure you close any cavities in which they might nest
  • remove their nesting material wherever you might find it

which you may have already tried.

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