European Wasps & bird feeding...

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European Wasps & bird feeding...

You are sure to know if you have a nest of European Wasps about as they love fruit, my neighbour is having problems putting fruit pieces out for the birds.  

The plate of fruit pieces was covered in European Wasps about 20 minutes after she left it out, best thing is to feed the fruit when the birds are in attendance.

European Wasps also love cooked meat, especially sausages or meat pies and will be attracted by the smell.  A few days ago I put a chunk of meat pie out for the Kookaburra who was sitting watching me.  Old Kookie was too slow, in just five minutes there were three European Wasps on the pie meat.

Just last month a six year old girl was picking apples off the tree with her dad when she bit into an apple, it had a European Wasp inside and she received a sting in the mouth.  I seen quite a large number of European Wasps feeding on apples dropped off the tree onto the ground, so beware!

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