Female Koel

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Female Koel

Female Koel eating my strawberries and being harassed by a Willy Wagtail. You can hear the male Koel in the distance.


I tried using the "Select Media" button on the submission page but got the error message - "Unable to handle the provided embed string or URL." So I copied the url into the body of the comment. I couldn't find a sticky on how to include videos. Any help would be appreciated.

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Love your video, especially the harassing Willie Wagtail. If you look at the other video threads, they have all posted links to other sites, like YouTube or Facebook, so that works fine, if your happy to go that way.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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I wander why the WAgtail was so annoyedindecision


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Willskrills wrote:

I wander why the WAgtail was so annoyedindecision

Because it is scared that the Koel will lay eggs in its nest!
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