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Binocular Camera

Has anyone used a binocular camera? I see them advertised on ebay and was wondering if they are any good or just a useless gimmick. My biggest worry is keeping them steady, I have an inner ear problem which makes me a bit wobbly. The camera i use (cannon powershot s2) has image stabilization and compensates very effectively for me waving the lens about but it only has a 10x zoom so I don't often get close enough to get a good pic.


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[q].... so I don't often get close enough to get a good pic[/q]

John, who are you kidding? :') Your photos are great already!! Other than that, this is the first I've heard of binocular cameras - although they do look interesting.

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I haven't had any experience at all with these so I can't tell you what they would be like. You already take good shots with whatever you are using now John.

Cheers, Owen.

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All the shots I've posted were taken at about 15 to 20 feet away with maximum zoom. Not all birds want to co-operate and come that close.

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I've heard about these binocular cameras but never tried them. I see they're starting to advertise them in camera stores. However I did read the image quality isn't as good as it would be with a camera.
Be a fun toy though.

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Save your money the ones i have seen are next to useless,from memory the S2 has a 12x zoom (430mm)approx and I'm pretty sure you can get screw in T/Cs in 1.4x 2x and with IS should give you more than enough range

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