Have trouble identifying a bird

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Have trouble identifying a bird

About two weeks ago have been hearing a bird call from about 11pm until 3.30am that sounds like someone blowing into a whistle. I live in Sydney's Inner West. I initially thought that the bird call was just some teenagers playing around with a whistle but when I went out onto my balcony, it sounded more like a bird.
I've been looking on the Birds in Backyards website and haven't had any luck trying to identify this bird.
My dad seems to think that the bird might be a hooded knightcaller but I haven't been able to locate a sound file of this particular bird on the net.
Once we've identified the bird, if anyone could tell me how to make the bird go away (in a nice humane way) I would really appreciate it.


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I'm sure you'r bird is a Koel. http://birdsinbackyards.net/feature/top-40-bird-songs.cfm
This is a good recording of it's song, if you find a way of getting rid of it let me know as I have one that starts at 4am every morning in the fig tree outside my bedroom window.

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