Lapwings nesting on house roof

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Lapwings nesting on house roof

I have a flat metal roof on my house and lapwings are using it to lay eggs.

They are really noisy day and night, but this doesnt bother me.

What makes them think that this is a good spot to lay?

The egg is not going to hatch, its likely to become boiled eggs due to the heat on this roof. But even if it did hatch, there's not exactly food up there for the little one!

I guess the only advantage is that they are safe from dogs and people - but little point if the eggs won't hatch!

Ahh they are strange birds sometimes.

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any where for a lapwing will do. the babies will fall of and then feed or the mum and dad will carry them down

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Have they made a nest to protect the eggs? You are right that is a strange choice as I thought they were ground nesters.

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Sunshine Coast Queensland

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The Victorian Govt web page on swooping birds says:

"Masked Lapwings live in wetlands and grassy woodlands, as well as paddocks and playing fields. They nest on the ground or on a flat roof, and may swoop to protect eggs or their young from July to November when breeding."

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no they breed all year and breed anywhere but not in trees ? weird


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