Migration of SWIFTS

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Migration of SWIFTS

For many ( Since 1943 actually) I observed SWIFTS in Sydney (Gordon), Mid North Coast (Lake Macquarie) and Goulburn skies during summer months when they were visitors from North Asia.

I have not seen a swift in these skies for upwards of ten years and am wondering if anyone has an explanation.

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could be over development of urban areas now suburban areas? lots of habitat gone missing so lots less opportunities for nesting and food. 18 months ago we moved here from rural 30k north of gympie we got them by the hundreds up there and at least a couple of species i could i'd, skateboard riders of the sky hey too fast.

always seemed to get rain when they and the dollar birds where flying & feeding together low in the sky mmm!!??

anyhow we are now in northern brissy bayside and see afew maybe 2 handfulls of one species, only ever seen 2 dollar birds (not indian mynah) as well.

so could be they are flying the skies over areas more covered with habitat?

lots of birds missing the most common ferel is the crow the only thing modern kids get to see much of or hear much of, sad hey?


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