New book about birds

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New book about birds

This is a book which refer to birds, not a "bird book" as commonly thought of. It is an environmentalist's view of things, using study of birds by way of an example of what is happening to the climate.

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Boom & Bust
Bird Stories for a Dry Country

Libby Robin, Robert Heinsohn & Leo Joseph (Editors)

In "Boom & Bust" the authors draw on the natural history of Australia's charismatic birds to explore the relations between fauna, people and environment. They consider changing ideas about deserts and how these have helped to understand birds and their behaviour in this driest of continents.

The book describes the responses of animals and plants to environmental variability and stress. "Boom & Bust" is also a tool for understanding global change. How can Australians in the 21st century better understand how to continue to live in this land as its conditions are dynamically unfolding in response to the major anthropogenic changes to the whole Earth system?

RRP $39.95


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