currawongs behaviour

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currawongs behaviour

Hi I wonder if anyone has aresponse to this. I found a quail that was a little knocked out as Iherad the bang against the wall. A currawong was just about to swoop on it. I took it inside and rang wires. They told me to keep it over night and let it go in the morning.It was recovered in the morning and a bit flighty. As soon as I watched it fly quite that currawong as if it knew and was waiting swooped on it and flew away with it.Very upsetting. Do currawongs behave this way? Are they that smart that it sat there waiting? Have other little birds in the yard and they are never attacked. It's as if it picked its victim


Gidday Marie, The answer to your question is yes,not only do they do this but they also will snatch eggs and nestlings.
Crows and Butcherbirds to name a few will also do the same.
I was driving along the Hwy just outside of Gunnedah last year and on the side of the road was a baby Eastern Rosella,I started to slow down to pick him up but as I did a crow swooped down and nailed him.
I was not happy,but that is nature.
Sux hey.

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I't really amazing how many birds will eat the young of other's. As you have both said it is a bit sad. I wouldn't think a bird would know to wait overnight but you can bet the currawong was watching and saw you release the quail. Nature is not always kind. Thanks for posting Marie.

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