putting birds together

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putting birds together

Iam building a large avery and am thinking of putting some king parrots, crimson parrots,rosellas and other australian parrots all together and i am concernd about them getting on or if they will fight amongst themselves or cross breed with other species, Iam only new to birds. Cheers Maddog.

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This is a wild bird forum so you wont get much detailed response about keeping birds in aviaries.

But i do have some experience here, and have to ask how big is the aviary? You need a license to keep king parrots at least in most states.

Unless you have a very large aviary and adequate enrichment then the birds will not be happy... and if you put males and females together they will naturally try and breed. So you will then need to have a plan for the baby birds. Some species rapidly multiply.

Not to be rude but sounds like you're jumping in a little too deep if you are brand new to keeping birds. Most people start out with budgies or cockatiels.

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