Generative audio to create your own bird sound environments

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Generative audio to create your own bird sound environments

Hello everyone

I occasionaly talk to people here to help identify bird calls I have recorded and I also provide an online sound library free of charge in Australia that has many recordings of birds.(over 900)

I have spent the last 12 months creating an app that allows users to create their own ambiant environment to listen to. This is not just recordings of birds that play like a CD, it is a complex system that actually creates the environment in real-time as you listen to it, so it will play endlessly without ever looping or repeating.

It includes some pre made ambiances so people can just jump in and listen or you can build your own by selecting and combing from 20 species of birds as well as natural elements like wind, water and rain. You can even mix each element to set the volume and freqeuncy of calling to suit.

Almost all the birds are found in Australia and I recorded all the material personally. We have tried to make it look like an old style scientific journal with some lovely illustrations.

It is called Carmin Avium (song of the birds)

This version of the App is free to download so if anyone is intertested you can find out more here

I checked with Holly Parsons before posting this as I did not want to post anything inappropriate, but I think some people would find the process facinating and I have worked very hard to provide very high quality material to listen to.

finally here is an example of the beautiful artwork

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask

Carmina Avium cover art

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