Help with Feather Identification

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Christina Webster
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Help with Feather Identification

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out which bird these feathers belong to.

I have been holidaying with family in Koroit (South West Victoria) and found them in the yard.

A friend thought them from either an owl or raptor.  The feather on the left also has a barred pattern, although it's more visible on the underside.  They're all around 21cm long.

Any help would be much appreciated!

With Thanks,


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Hi Christina. So far nobody has taken up your challenge & I'm not about to. I strongly suspect species identification from feathers is a very specialized task so you'll need to keep your fingers crossed that a BirdsinBackyarder with the requisite knowledge & skills comes across your post. Good luck!

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Gosshawk feathers, pretty shaw. rather common small brown raptor. A tail feather, secondary wing feather and a primary feather.

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

Christina Webster
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Thank you Lightuningbird for your insight.  I had been slowly whittling down the list of species in the area and the Brown Goshawk definitely looked like a good possibility.

Thanks Woko for your response also.  Yes, I'm coming to realise how complex feather identification can be!  There doesn't seem to be many resources for Australia at all! 

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