Hooded Plovers

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Hooded Plovers

Holly's article on Hooded Plover breeding on Mornington Peninsula in News Items on the home page is well worth a read. Humans' thoughtlessness & ignorance is a feature of the article.

I particularly like the quote "ignorance is no defence". In this day & age there is a plethora of information about the need to protect & conserve endangered species so I fully agree with this sentiment. Also, I wonder if the term "thoughtless humans" is now a tautology thanks to the way in which our species is evolving. The sooner we can develop a pet free culture, especially in Hooded Plover breeding areas, the more helpful it will be for our wildlife. Promoting & revelling in the abundance & behaviour of native animals needs to be a value promoted in all aspects of our society from schools to TV news broadcasts.

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