Hooded Plovers

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Hooded Plovers

Part of a romantic day with Ms Woko was spent viewing two Hooded Plovers at Victor Harbor, SA. And what a privilege it was since this species is teetering on extinction's brink.

We were told by the handful of Hooded Plover watchers on site that last year 10 youngsters were bred but all were "taken". There were 2 surviving young ones on the beach today.

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It sounds like you had a great day with Ms Woko, Woko. It is always a pleasure to come across such birds. 

Shorty......Canon gear



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Yes, indeed, it was a great day, Shorty.

Seeing vulnerable or endangered birds is always special & enough to make be breathe a sigh of relief that they're still hanging in there.

In the case of the Victor Harbor Hooded Plovers there is an active Hooded Plover protection group who have put up a number of signs to educate people about the importance of keeping themselves & their dogs & cats clear of the breeding area. On the romantic day I didn't see one frolicking dog or gambolling cat in the vicinity of the Hooded Plovers so that was great. However, there was a literacy problem with one group of people using the beach at Victor Harbor because, despite the signs past which they would have walked, they plonked their bodies, bags, balls & beach towels bang in the breeding area.

In spite of all these disturbances at this time of the year this oh so forgiving species continues to breed at Victor Harbor.

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