ID a bird from its song?

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ID a bird from its song?

I have heard a bird in the small creek reserve behind our house. The reserve contains melaleuca, swamp bloodwood, banksias and other natives (see picture). For the last couple of weeks I have heard but not seen a bird that is new to the area.  I live in Cooloola Cove which is on the edge of the Great Sandy National Park (Cooloola Section) in SE Qld.

I have recorded the bird's song in the hope that someone will recognise it.  Please note that there is no video only sound.

Rebecca Z

I got an error when I tried to play the video. Did you only just upload it? Often you have to wait a bit for the actual link for it to work.

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I got an error too.

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Still an error message


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Never posted a video to youtube before - having some teething problems.

It works on youtube so I don't know what's happening.

This is the embed code that youtube supplied:-

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This is the URL supplied by youtube as the sharing URL:-

This is the URL as it appears in the search bar:-

I first tried the sharing URL and then I tried the embed code. Neither worked. As you can see the time length of the video is showing as zero and it should be 25 seconds.

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The URL from the search bar works and is the way i do it when posting here.

As for the bird i have no idea but would love to have one singing at my place.

I am sure someone on here will ID it for you though.

Shorty......Canon gear


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I don't know if you get lyrebirds that far north but it could be a possibility.

Rebecca Z

It sounds like a grey shrike-thrush to me. The phrasing and pitch are slightly changed from what we hear down here, but there's the underlying sounds that sound similar to me.

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IMO it's an Australasian Figbird.

Rebecca Z

Yes, Steve, it would appear that you're right. Having listened to the figbird calls here, they're a perfect match.

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Thanks all. The probabilities are that it is a Fig Bird. They are quite common around here but I have just never seen one at the same time as hearing it sing. On listening to the song and then comparing it to that of the Grey Shrike-thrush I'm almost certain that it is a Fig Bird.

The Fig bird is aready in my personal backyard bird book. I'm up to 33 species now.

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Definitely a Figbird.

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