IDs please - includes a "shore bird" - good luck

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IDs please - includes a "shore bird" - good luck

Hi all

All pictures taken around the Newcastle area. 

First one - duck - not sure about the first one - a hybrid maybe?

Second one I think is a teal, shoveler and freckled duck all in the one photo? Looking for confirmation.....

Third one - I just want to know what the bird on the left of screen is. It looks different to the other Sharp Tailed Sandpipers. My guess is a Curlew Sandpiper (most people find shore-birds difficult, but if anyone wants a guess, please have a go). 



For #3, since you invited speculation ...  I think it looks much too big in comparison to the Sharpie to be a Curlew SP, also the bill too me looks as likely to be straight as down curved. My guess would be a marsh sandpiper or common sandpiper.

Are you able to share the locations where you took these?  As I sometimes go up to newcastle.

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First two photos were at the Hunter Wetlands Centre. They have some great tracks to explore there (there were a lot of honeyeaters about too). 

The 3rd one with the sandpiper was at Stockton Sandspit - a regular hangout for waders (although I think most of them will be departing for their breeding grounds in the next few weeks).


Dave, Sydney. 

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#1 - judging from the orange legs, Bill shape and plumage I would say juv Australaisian Shoveler, but clicking on the image and zooming in, I think I can see a yellow eye, if I'm correct then Male AS in Eclipse.

#2 - bottom duck is a Grey Teal, top left is a Male Australaisian Shoveler and top right is a Freckled Duck, so we'll done on that!

as for #3 I have no idea, sorry.

Tegan - Melbourne Vic.


Thanks for the locations Dave ... I have been to stockton sandspit before, but I have not been to hunter wetlands so I will definitely give it a visit.

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The wader in question is a Great Knot.


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Yep #1 is Aus shoveler and you are correct with IDs for #2. No idea about the wader

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Hi all. 

Thanks WD, tegan and HelloBirdy for your replies! And thanks Snail for solving the mystery of the wader! A Great Knot - new bird for me! Yay. 



Dave, Sydney. 

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1st Australian shoveler 

2nd Grey teal freckled duck and Australian shoveler

3rdGreat or Red Knot

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