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The kids and I found a little bird this morning and have no idea what it is and what to do with it. It looks like a young bird (it can't seem to fly properly yet). It has a pointed beek. It is grey in colour with a few whitish stripes on the cheeks. It also has feathers on it's feet.

It has been rainig and i thought maybe this has made it hard for the bird to fly.

I will post a photo when i work out how.

If anyone can help us we would be very greatly appreciated.

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If you can find the appropriate local wildlife rescue people then they may be able to help.

In NSW it's WIRES 13 000 WIRES - (13 00 094 737)

Not sure about other states. Alternatively, look if there is a nest near where you found it and whether there is a way to put the chick back up. If not, and you cannot find a wildlife rescue org, take it to your local vet who may also be able to help.

The important thing is not to handle it too much. Place a small towel or similar item of clothing at the bottom of a box. Transport via that. Keep it away from pets, kids and humans and noises as well, so a dark, cool place will do until you can take it.

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