currawong attacker

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currawong attacker

at whits end put obi [cockatiel] out on back patio, inside i hear a hell of a noise obi screaming, i was told to put his night cover over the top of the cage. after butcher bird attacks [full on]they still are a problem.back to todays attack i got to the cage and the currawong was on top trying to spread the bars and lash out with beak i got to within 1/2 metre of it before it took off landed on c/line 2 metres away sat with obi for a couple of minutes i have a heart problem.
after taking obi inside i went out to deal with the currawong.again could have lashed out an grabed it. it came back and sat on the glass table 2 or 3 times after the incident.other than sit out all day with obi ?? will it come back,a currawong has being attacking the doves nesting in nearby bushes.

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