small bird poss thornbill in tasmania

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small bird poss thornbill in tasmania

Hi all
Saw this small bird foraging on the ground among some fairy wrens. Location is southern Tasmania. I know the pics aren't the best quality, but just thought someone might have an idea what it could be? Thanks!!


I'd have to say it's a tasmanian thronbill, the tail is too short for a wren.


*tasmanian thornbill


Thanks for that Amateur. I was curious if there's a reason you think Tasmanian rather than Brown Thornbill? Is there some particular feature I should be looking for?

Thanks again!


Thinking that because I don't think the brown thornbill has such a distinctive stripe near it's back underneath it? Maybe, lol, I actually didn't realise the brown thornbill was in Tasmania so yeah... I think it's more likely the Tasmaninan Thornbill, might want some better clarification from some local birders or something or maybe getting some sharper photos.


Yeah actually it m ost likely is a Tasmanian as the brown thornbill's colour underneath continues all the way to the tip while the the Tassie thornbill has a band and then 'pale coverts' behind it which you can see in the photo :)

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