Injured baby bird

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Injured baby bird

Hi everyone,

So today my cat brought back a baby bird (I don't know what kind it is) in her mouth. On inspection of the bird: there was a gaping cut where the cat's teeth had been, and there was yellowy-orange stuff oozing out of it from (near) the stomach area. So I decided that I would try my best to save it, regardless of my little knowledge of birds.

Now it's in a cardboard box lined with tissue, newspaper, and a few leaves, under a lamp that gives off a little bit of heat. I've fed it water and a bit of mashed oats, which it has accepted and NOT regurgitate it . I've also tried to stop the blood and oozy-stuff by stuffing some cotton wool underneath and at the cut. It's been gasping for air for a while, and every so often if would readjust itslef into a new position. It's also opened it eyes slightly, very breifly, then closed them again. 

The bird is very young: tranlucent pinky-yellow, and you can see all the internal organs through the skin. It has spots of feathers (about 3-4 sprouts). It's got a very weak neck and it just seems underdeveloped. 

Please please please help me!! I don't want the little guy to die!!!


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You need to take the bird to a vet &or a wildlife carer NOW - any cat attacked (or even mouthed) animal needs to be treated by antibiotics within a few hours - the injury this bird has sounds very severe and it needs attention NOW to prevent a cruel death. Where are you located?

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BTW it is recommended to NOT feed or water an animal in these circumstances as the animal needs to be the right temperature for digestion, be given the correct food and if it needs to be medicated or anaesthetised it should have an empty stomach to have the best outcome.

"the earth is not only for humans, but for all animals and living things."

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This post has been amended to cover advice provided by Dale

There is also a link at the top of this section -

If you look inside your local telephone book there is often a number you can contact for wildlife issues

Note: not all numbers are 24 hours but there are often emergency vets which are 24 hour clinics - most vets do not charge members of the public for wildlife consultations.

For assistance with wildlife rescue please contact the following organisations not all are 24 hour numbers :

GENERAL LIST may need updating but is a good starting point

NSW WIRES Rescue Line: 13 000 WIRES or 13 00 094 737

VIC Help for Wildlife 0417 380 687 or Wildlife Victoria 13 00 094 535

QLD Wildcare QLD (07) 5527 2444

ACT RSPCA Wildlife (02) 6287 8100 and Environment ACT 132 281

NT Wildcare (08) 8988 6121

SA SA Fauna Rescue (08) 8289 0896

WA Wildcare (08) 9474 9055

TAS Wildlife Tasmania 0417 017 105


More Comprehensive list

Wildlife Carer & Rescue Groups in Australia

If you find an injured or sick native animal please contact your local wildlife rescue group. These volunteers are trained to care for native species. They  will come and pick up the animal to nurse it back to health.

While you wait, follow their advice - keep the animal warm in a quiet, dark place. Handle it only as much as is absolutely necessary and do not offer it food or water unless advised by the carer.

Australian Capital Territory

  • RSPCA Wildlife
    RSPCA Wildlife volunteers work with RSPCA-ACT Inc to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife in the ACT.


New South Wales


Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services (Sydney Wildlife)

This volunteer organisation is dedicated to caring for Sydney's sick, injured or orphaned native fauna.

Wildlife Information and Rescue Service (WIRES)

The Wildlife Information and Rescue Service (WIRES) is the largest wildlife rescue organisation in New South Wales.

Sydney, Central Coast & the Hunter

Mid North Coast & Northern New South Wales

Southern New South Wales

Western New South Wales

  • Lachlan Wildlife Carers
  • 'Revenue', Condobolin 2877
  • Rescue and Rehabilitation of Australian Native Animals (RRANA)
  • PO Box 5089, South Broken Hill
  • Phone: 04 2920 4416
  • RSPCA Australian Capital Territory Inc.
  • Sunraysia Wildlife Carers Group
  •  PO Box 189, Gol Gol 2738
  • Wildlife Carers Network (Central West)
  • PO Box 787, Mudgee 2850
  • Phone: 02 6374 4286.
    branches in Western NSW
    Ph: (13 000 WIRES) 1300 094 737


Northern Territory

  • Wildcare Inc is a non-profit organisation, which provides a support network for carers of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. The primary objective is to rehabilitate and release these animals back into their natural habitat and to raise community awareness concerning the care and conservation of native animals. 
    Phone: 08 8988 6121
  • Wildlife Rescue
    Emergency Hotline 0409 090 840
    Large or dangerous animals phone: 1800 453 210



Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service

  • 24 hour Emergency Hotline: 1300 130 372
  • Brisbane Area Rescue Network
    24 hour Hotline: 0405 056 066
  • Granite Belt Wildlife Carers Inc
    Based in Stanthorpe, SE Qld. Looking after animals specific to the Granite Belt area. Rescue boundaries are the NSW border, Texas, Allora, Warwick, Killarney, Liston and Stanthorpe.
  • Wildlife Wanderer's Carers Group Association Inc.
    24 hour service out of Nanango; covering; Benarkin, Brooklands, Blackbutt, Bunya Mountains, Cooyar, Goodger, Yarraman, Maidenwell, Kingaroy, Goomeri, Bell, Kumbia, Crawford, Memerambi, Nanango, Wooroolin, Wattlecamp, Tingoora, Kilkivan, Tansey, Wondai, Coolabunia, Ellesmere
    Emergency Hotline: 0447 196 704
  • Redlands Wildlife Rescue
  • ONARR Orphan Native Animal Rear and Release
    Rescues, rears, rehabilitates and releases orphaned wildlife in the greater SE Qld area
  • FAUNA Fostercare of Australia's Unique Native Animals Association Inc
  • Far North Queensland Wildlife Rescue
  • Bat Rescue Inc
    Cares for sick, injured and orphaned bats - Sunshine Coast and Brisbane
  • ARROW Australian Rescue and Rehabilitation of Wildlife Association Inc
    Rescue, care and release sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife 
    24 hour Hotline: 0430 904 415
  • Bat Conservation & Rescue QLD. INC.
  • Species dedicated organisation covers greater Brisbane region for bats - microbats and flying-foxes.
  • NQ Wildlife Care Inc.
  • Based in Townsville, this group covers west to Charters Towers, north to Cardwell and south to Bowen. Ph: 0414 717 374.
  • Queensland Wildlife Carers and Volunteers Association Inc - Please phone 4159 6431 to contact a local wildlife carer in Bundaberg, Childers, Gin Gin, Rosedale or Agnes Water.
  • Ipswich Koala Protection Society Inc - Please phone Ranger Ruth Lewis on (07) 5464 6274 or 0419 760 127, or Helen on (07) 3282 5035 or 0417 604 761. Email: The Ipswich Koala Protection Society Inc is based at Mt. Forbes (Ipswich QLD) where they have established a Rescue and Rehabilitation Clinic with a vet on call. It also has two dedicated koala ambulances (but rescue all wildlife 24/7). They rescue/rehabilitate/release (specialising in koalas) and have been operating for approximately 18 years. The Ipswich Koala Protection Society Inc is a nonprofit volunteer organisation
  • Wildlife Volunteers Association Inc - covers Caboolture to Gympie and west from those areas. 24 hour hotline: 07 5441 6200.


South Australia

  • Native Animal Network Inc.
    08 8388 6944
    08 8280 7223
  • Bird Care and Conservation Society Inc.
  • Fauna Rescue of SA Inc.
  • FaunaCare and Release Inc.
    Phone: 0402 063 173 or 0411 455 040.
  • South East Native Animal Rescue Network
    08 8726 8199, 08 8735 1177 or 08 8736 3228
  • Wildlife Welfare Organisation (SA) Inc.
    Wildlife information or emergencies. Phone: 0434 114 628 (Native birds & seabirds only)
  • Wombat Awareness Organisation
  • Alexandrina Wildlife Support Group Inc.
    12 Corio Terrace, Goolwa SA 5214
    PO Box 336, Goolwa SA 5214
    Mainly covers the district of Alexandrina Council area including Goolwa, Port Elliott, Middleton, Currency Creek, Strathalbyn, Mount Compass as well as Victor Harbor.
    This organisation rescues, cares for and rehabilitates kangaroos, possums, echidnas, freshwater turtles, reptiles and some birds. It can also rescue and assess koalas. Any needing more care are forwarded to Fauna Rescue of SA.
    Phone: 08 8555 1657 or 0419 551 653.



  • Wildlife Care
    Parks and Wildlife Service Business hours: (03) 6233 6556 recorded advice
  • Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary (03) 6268 1184, has a 24 hour service for all wildlife (except snakes - lizards, but no snakes), which will divert to the on call mobile. They can and will give advice, and attempt to organise care and transport for the sick/injured critter. They have a network of over 300 active volunteers who respond to such calls.

    Reptile Rescue snakes  - 0407 565 181



  • Help for Wildlife is a 24 Hour State-wide Wildlife Emergency Service which is a voluntary, community based, non-profit, non-political organization established in 1995 to assist with distressed wildlife on all levels.
  • Wildlife Victoria is a state-wide volunteer wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organisation who run a 24-hour emergency phone number for people who have come across injured, sick or orphaned wildlife.
  • Wildlife Rescue & Information Network Inc. Rescue WRIN
    WRIN inc. is an organisation dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of native fauna found injured, sick or orphaned anywhere in Victoria. Its members are all volunteers.
  • BADGAR Emergency Wildlife Rescue
    24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the BADGAR team rescuers work tirelessly to help restore the balance for our wildlife that has been injured, orphaned or is sick
  • Wildlife Rescue North East Victoria (NEV)
    NEV is a group of volunteers who give their time and patience to care for and rehabilitate thousands of injured and sick native animals each year.
  • RACV Wildlife Connect
    Following the bushfires, RACV established Wildlife Connect where callers are connected to a volunteer wildlife carer for help and advice on injured wildlife found on the roads.
    Phone: 13 11 11
  • Wildlife Rescue Emergency Service
    rescue service for injured wildlife in central Victoria
  • Wildlife of Werribee
  • Wildlife Out West is a 24–hour, self-funded volunteer wildlife shelter of passionate Volunteers who Rescue, Rehabilitate and enjoy our Native Wildlife within our local communities.
  • Wildlife Rescuers
  • The Wildlife Rescuers are a dedicated group of 100% volunteers that specialise in the rescue and rehabilitation of native Australian wildlife in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.


Western Australia

  • F.A.W.N.A (WA) Inc. (Fostering and Assistance for Wildlife Needing Aid)
  • WILDCARE Helpline
    The Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation runs the WILDCARE Helpline. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, diverting to after hours numbers at nights and weekends, to provide immediate assistance. Volunteers handle telephone inquiries and refer callers to one of 340 registered wildlife rehabilitators who take care of the animal before releasing it back into its native Habitat.
  • Native Animal Rescue
    Native Animal Rescue support vets will treat injured native wildlife for no charge and arrange for a wildlife carer to collect the animal for rehabilitation and release. Find the nearest support vet on this list.
  • Native Arc
    Caring for injured, orphaned and sick wildlife with the hopes of rehabilitating them and successfully returning them to their natural habitat.

"the earth is not only for humans, but for all animals and living things."

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Thanks Alison - all great advice and thanks for posting those links. Straight to a vet or wildlife carer - keep the bird quiet in a dark box (with air holes). 


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And you might want to keep your cat under firm control, su.gyaw, as it would be a shame, indeed, if it brought in the last surviving member of a native bird species (as I understand happened on an island off the coast of New Zealand).

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Agree with all of the above, Alison, if you read this, the number (03) 6233 6556, you have given for Tassie will get an answering machine after hours - recording gives advice. This number is the Parks and Wildlife Service - typical government, only during business hours can you talk to someone, and even then they put you through to Bonorong or RSPCA.

I suggest for Tasmania, that Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary (03) 6268 1184, has a 24 hour service for all wildlife (except snakes - lizards, but no snakes), which will divert to the on call mobile. They can and will give advice, and attempt to organise care and transport for the sick/injured critter. They have a network of over 300 active volunteers who respond to such calls.

Reptile Rescue will deal with snakes in Tasmania - 0407 565 181

There is also a link at the top of this section - 

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Hi Dale, I am glad you mentioned that - this was copied from another wildlife site and I had to change a couple of numbers I knew were also outdated I will amend my post in case someone else reads this. I thought there was a list somewhere I just thought the person might have checked their own post first and wanted them to be able to find help quickly.

"the earth is not only for humans, but for all animals and living things."

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No worries either way Alison, I know you have posted information before, and just wanted to give you an update from the southern cousins so to speak, so any info we give can be the latest possible.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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