Jacky Winter or not

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Jacky Winter or not

Another found in sorting pictures from McMinns Lagoon, Northern Territory so I have asked NT birds.

I thought it was a Jacky Winter from the tail especially when it flew. However, I now wonder about a Grey Whistler (which would be nice.) because of the white flash at the shoulder, lack of feather definition on the wings and lack of white on the underside of the tail when folded. In the other Jacky Winter pictures the folded tail feathers are white on the underside.

Open to suggestions either way


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I agree with Grey Whistler, also Jacky winter has a thinner beak.

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pic #2 suggests a simlar colour head as the back and upper wings; this does not seem right for Grey Whistler


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Thanks guys. I think my first idea of Jacky Winter is correct. Just saw plenty of them near Rylstone and except for under tail feather colour it seems right.


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I'm not quite sure, but that pose in pic 2 is typical of Whistlers...

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

Rick N
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Grey Whistler, throat white, bend of wing whitish and typical whistler beak.

Plus I saw one just last week :-)

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Its not a Jacky Winter, the beak is wrong as Tim and Rick have mentioned. Looks much better for Grey Whistler.


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The consensus seems to be Grey Whistler so I shall label it as such. Comparing this one to my recent shots of a Jacky Winter, I can see the difference now with the beak and the undertail colour. A great exercise in comparison, thank you all for the feedback.


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Found this fellow labelled as Grey Whistler from East Point in Darwin. Seems to clinch it... note colouring onunderside of tail. Not sure how I have managed to clip the end off the tail each time but i recall that it almost flew into the lens. Thanks for the help. Sue

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