Just found this little nest

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Just found this little nest

I found this little nest on the verge under a callistemon. Can I put it back? what height? glue? string?

what type of bird do you think it is? I'm betting it's a NEw Holland Honeyeaters...ok i can't mAKE the pic small enough :(

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to adjust the size of .jpg files:

Plan A

Open the directory with the pic - R click the pic for drop-down menu - R click the 'Open with' menu option - R click 'Microsoft Office 20xx' menu option (if available, else go to Plan B)

this opens the pic in Microsoft Office (used to be called MS Picture Manager) - L click 'Edit pictures ...' menu option on the top toolbar (usually) - L click on the 'Compress pictures ...' menu option on the side toolbar (usually) - select the compression option that suits ' Don't compress' or 'Documents' or 'Web pages' or E-mail messages

Plan B

Use Flickr or Photobucker or http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/image-hosting-websites  lists the 15 most popular image sharing sites 


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Thanks pacman but i have a mac and i haven't got to plan B yet.

CAn anyone tell me can i glue the nest into the tree?

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If it just a nest and no eggs I would  just leave it under the callistomen if they want to rebuld it won't take then long and if they want to use the old nest as a source for that then it is close for then to do so. If there are eggs you could put it inside a metal hanging basket an hang it in a dense part of the plant. Myself, I would be inclined to just leave it - that is nature, maybe they are new to making nests and it was a not a very good nest or in the right location anyway.

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