Kookaburras have found me in the CBD

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Kookaburras have found me in the CBD

Hey so when I lived in Subiaco I would bring my hermit crabs outside and Barry the kookaburra and his family would visit every single day and stare at the tank and couldn't figure out why he couldn't get to them through the glass. Fast forward 2 years I now live in an apartment in the city and have been putting my crabs outside briefly on the downstairs balcony and on Sunday morning not even half hour after I had put them out I hear a kookaburra call so loud and close like he was right near me and I turned and he was, on the balcony he flew off when I stood up but I've heard them since then then and expect more visits from him and his family in the future and just an unlikely tip that if you want to bring the kookaburras to your yard every day then invest in some hermit crabs they really do bring the birds to any yard!! ;) 

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Jessluxxa, if I remember accurately the Laughing Kookaburra is an introduced species to WA so if I was a WA resident I'd be doing everything possible to discourage this species especially as it's a great predator of nestlings & other native animals. 

For folk who don't live in WA I'm not sure that hermit crabs are a natural part of a Laughing Kookaburra's diet. It might be more beneficial to the Kookaburras to protect & restore their natural habitat so that they can have the tucker on which they've been raised over many, many aeons. 

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