Lots of Grebes at Homebush Bay

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Lots of Grebes at Homebush Bay

Saw about 12 - 15 australian grebes in two groups in Homebush Bay today. Probably not gob smackingly unusual, but was a surprise to me as my typical sightings of grebes are of an occassional solitary individual in a smallish pond. Homebush Bay is quite a large inlet off the Parramatta River. Also first time I have seen one fly,  low skimming over the water, wings beating fast and the body inclined at 45 degree angle to the water.


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This time of the year their young are all grown up, I have seen larger groups, but not as many as 15. The one in the centre of the photo looks like a Hoary-headed Grebe. I have seen them fly , but not yet walking on the ground surprise. Again, you inspire me to go down to my lake to have a look and see if I find some. Thanksyes


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Not in the past but just in recent years have seen Australasian & Hoary-headed ^
Grebes flying all the time, obviously not away from the wetland but a few metres above the water.



Thanks Araminta, i did not notice if it was a hoary headed grebe as they were long way off and i only thought of australasian grebes. Might try again tomorrow to see if any are still about to get a closer look.

Thats interesting Cotton. Its probably that I dont see many of them about here in the first place, that i had not seen one airbourne before.


Got some slightly better pictures today of those grebes which i have put in the identification forum. I think they might well be hoary headed grebes as Araminta suggested, which would be a new one for me.


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