Molting Parrot

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Molting Parrot

Hi feathered friends, just wondering if I should be concerned about this parrot that lives in my backyard?

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Very concerned, I'd say, davidandjulie. Its appearance is of a bird which suffers from Psittacine circoviral disease or beak & feather disease. Google this to learn more.

The disease seems to attack parrots & is passed between birds particularly at artificial feeding points where birds often gather in numbers. It is much healthier for birds generally to obtain their natural food from natural plants which we can grow in our gardens or conserve in our local bushland (if we have any). Indigenous native plants are far the preferred option since these are the plants with which local birds have evolved & which form a crucial part of a bird's natural habitat.

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Woko is right, there is a very high risk of this being transfered to other parrots through your feeding station. I would take it down immediately so as not to risk the infection of other parrots.

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Nothing else I can add, very sad . I wish more people would know how terrible this infection is. Most people are well meaning, and  still think they are doing a good thing by feeding native birds, and the poor birds have to deal with the consequences.

Planting native plants is the only solution. Even small plants in pots will almost immediately attract birds.

Please stop feeding!


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