My ground pod

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My ground pod

This is the home made ground pod I spoke about on my Pipit post ,not my idea I saw one on secrets of digital bird photogaphy ,low tech ,low cost ,but it does the job !

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That "Secrets" website is pretty good for stuff like that. Some of his post processing is iffy (and dowright ugly), but technically he's pretty good. Certainly, the frying pan thing is great.  If you're having trouble with the elevation of the camera (it looks pretty high off the table, but that could just be perspective) you could substitute the mount head for a beanbag or sack of rice; it might be easier on your neck. 


Nice job sparrow  - a handy accessory 

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As one of my work educators is often heard to say "improvise, adapt and overcome". You've certainly done that!

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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I had it lower on a quick release ball head but all I could see was grass so I used my old tripod head to raise it up a bit ,what I didn't show is I use a remote trigger mouned on the flash bracket and use the live veiw to focus, the next modification is a shade for the LCD

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That looks like a great contraption. I'm most impressed though by how well trained you arewink, you even put a tea towel under the pan, so the talble wouldn't get


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Are you kidding ML ,If I scratched the table with what Maggie calls my camera s----t she would beat me to a pulp with it, or worse !

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