Near bird experience

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Near bird experience

A couple of weeks ago, my wife was startled by a Cuckoo Shrike which she thought was swooping; her. When I came out to see what was happening, the bird came into our outside barbecue area and appeared to be trying to communicate, chattering away and further startling my wife with its close approach.& I offered the bird my finger to stand on (which it did) and carried it a few metres away, putting it down on the trellis near our doorway while I went inside the house to find it some food
I still occasionally see a pair of Cuckoo Shrikes around our yard, but they have not made such a close approach sinceThis is the closest approach of any bird so far. Magpies in the area often come begging, but the boldest of these maintain a distance of at least a metre I wonder whether other members have experienced anything similar

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No, I haven't noticed this behaviour in any of the birds where I live, garethkaren. This isn't surprising since I prefer to allow birds to rely on the bush for their livelihoods & where they're safer from the interventions, how ever well-intentioned, of humans. I must admit, tho', that when I fill the bird bath quite a few birds will come close waiting for their opportunity to use the fresh water, especially in warmer weather. Black-faced cuckoo-shrikes haven't been among those species so far.

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