Night Parrot Sighting ( for Woko)

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Night Parrot Sighting ( for Woko)

Woko while I was up the Sunshine Coast on holidays in the last few weeks I was searching for data on my phone about Ground Parrots that i was trying to find while up there and I came across an article on a website about a survey that was conducted in 2005 I believe and they had a reliable sighting of a Night Parrot up in the Pilbarra region. This survey was a fairly thorough one sponsored by Fortescue Metals which had a mine in the area and they had about 5 or 6 attempts with motion sensor cameras and sweeping searches done by people walking through likely areas. Apparently they also had someone hear a call from this region as well. They also had other sightings from non-qualified people before this survey but they couldn't be verified. So all may not be lost for the Night Parrot. I am sorry I don't have the link to the site, but a google search may find it again. I hope this puts a smile on your face.

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