One Step Forward

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One Step Forward

Last night SA's Channel 7 news televised an item about the plan to eradicate cats from Kangaroo Island in order to protect its wonderful wildlife. This was a significant step forward, at least in SA, in the creation of a wildlife-friendly culture. However, Channel 7 spoiled its contribution to preserving our wildlife by later the same night airing a programme about how people across Earth are becoming cat crazy - at least that's how the promotion for the programme read.

While there was, no doubt, a certain amount of hyperbole in the latter item, TV channels can make a big contribution to the creation of a wildlife-friendly culture by declining to air items about cat rescues, cat crazes & similar subjects. Replacement of cat air time with wildlife conservation stories might be the way to go. Contacting your local TV channels about this issue might eventually enhance members' bird watching.  

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