Peacock spider Not bird real related...but...

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Peacock spider Not bird real related...but...

was outside doing my usual bird look. I stoped at one of the tree, which has a nest In it. Looking down at the millions of ants around me feet I see...a spider? Not just a normal spider, a peacock spider. 

Ther reason why I am posting this is cause...well I couldent identify this new find, and I am unsure in I get peacock spiders in my erea (wimmer mally vic: habertat mally wood land) the spider was a millimeater long, had a brown body, fuzzy wite underneath and on its back end was orange, outlined in black. The spider seemed to shine a little, and diddent take much notes of the ants around it. (The ants, also being odd had red head, black body with two yellow spots. Not much bigger than the sipder). I assumed the spider was arfter these ants.

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