The Persistence of the Sraw-necked Ibis

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The Persistence of the Sraw-necked Ibis

At around 10 am this morning I tracked a deep, raven-like call to a Straw-necked Ibis perched at the top of a dead Eucalyptus. Before we departed for the big smoke of Adelaide at noon, I noted that the Ibis was still perched in the same place. We arrived home at dusk & the bird was still there although is shuffled a bit when I walked up the drive to collect the recycling bin. It didn’t shuffle at all when I trundled the bin down the drive. 

Has anyone else observed this sentinel-like behaviour in a solitary Straw-necked Ibis?

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Yes, I have there was a flock of the, flying over. One of them decided to stay and sit in a tree, it was there for most of the day, had a preen, then took of toward the creek. I have photos... dunno how to get them of the camera

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

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