Pied Oystercatcher family

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Pied Oystercatcher family

Went down to lovely Greens Pool Denmark on southern coast of WA.

Unfortunately the blustering winds and overcast werent condusive to bird photography

However this Pied Oystercatcher family sitting on the rocks provided some good shots.

Junior getting no attention from i'm guessing a statue like  Dad, so went over and annoyed Mum out of her slumber.

Who then had to go through age old ritual of stretching and putting the sleep out of her eyes before seeing to the offspring

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I'd never seen photos of young oystercatchers before this. Thanks for sharing

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Well done laza, usually the oystercatchers aren't that fussed on having there picture taken. Maybe their more chilled in the west :-)

I'm with Ryu as well, never seen young ones.

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Thanks Guys, my first time seeing a juvenile as well.

Your right Brian, not sure if things are different down  south of WA  or if it was the weather conditions .

I certainly wouldnt have be able to get this close to them here in Bunbury where they are very skittish

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well


Excellent photos ... very interesting to see the plummage of the young pied oyster catcher at that age.

Over the holidays in NZ i saw a family of oystercatchers - more similar to the Sooty OC - there were three little ones. The parents scratch in the wet sand to find worms for the chicks to pick out.

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Great stuff laza. Mum wakes up like I do ... a stretch, a yawn, blink the eye ... but I need a coffee BADLY.  Thanks for sharing these.

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Great set of photos laza. Love the plumage on the little one. I hadn't seen a young one wither.

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