Please ID - maybe Channel-billed Cuckoo?

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Please ID - maybe Channel-billed Cuckoo?

We have a visitor in our backyard.

We're used to having lorikeets, cockatoos, crested pigeons and pesky miners about but this guy was much bigger and something different.

We were a bit excited but I suspect it's a channel-billed cuckoo and now I'm not so excited.

By the time I got home with the DSLR, it was dark and had to use a flash at around 10m to take some shots of the sleeping visitor.

Missus saw him/her move and said "it's not an owl" meaning it had a neck. Don't know if she saw the beak, which would be a strong indicator.

Location: Newcastle/Lake Macquarie NSW - about 20km inland. Lots of bush reserve around and creeks.

Update: Still there the next morning, but has moved again to warm up in the sun. Suspect it's injured.

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I think Pacific Baza, possibly a juvenile?

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Thanks, Steven.

We showed the photos to a bird-watching friend of ours tonight before we returned home. Our friend ID'd it the same, as a Pacific Baza.
He/she's gone now, must have been resting or recouperating after a scrap.

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