Please help me identify this injured bird

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Please help me identify this injured bird

I found this poor bird on the side of the road and have placed it in a cage in my backyard (with food, water and insulation) in order to keep it away from predators.

I would like to call the council about the little guy, but if it is not a native bird they may simply euthanize it. If it isn't a native I will give it a few days to turn around, but I will not let it suffer if it is not recovering well (so please do not worry about that) but I have already seen some improvement from when the picture was taken. 

Advice on care for the little bloke would also be appreciated, thank you. 
- Sorry I could not upload the image, it was over 500KB

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Looks like a Starling to me - If so, not a native

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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Thank you, I think it is probably a baby common starling - from what I can find online anyways. 
Thank you for the confirmation, if you are interested the little guy has seen more recovery over night - looking strong. 

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Hi Duo. I’m not sure that this is a Common Starling but if it is you might want to consider humanely euthanizing it since the Common Starling is an aggressive threat to a number of Australian bird species. It is also an agriculture pest. However, It might pay to wait for other members to offer their identifications before acting on this front. 

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