Qld, Yellow beak, dark body, size 20 sm, emits a sound when takes off

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Qld, Yellow beak, dark body, size 20 sm, emits a sound when takes off

Hello, I have been just 6 months in Au, local birds are fantastic. Please help recognise one of them. I see it near my backyard in Logan, the most interesting pecularity of this bird is at the moment it starts to fly, especially then I force the bird to fly . In all cases I see when the bird starts to fly, it emits one tweeting sound,  something average between tweeting and groaning. It looks funny, like the bird is really lazy and reluctant to fly. Sorry for my English and thank you for help.

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To me it sounds like you are describing a Common Blackbird, a species introduced to the region. I could be wrong though, especially considering you live just north of the bird's usual range (could have expanded northwards though). Could you describe the shape of the bird?

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I checked the blackbird's photo on internet, I saw a different bird. Its shape is similar to blackbird, but little bit smaller and lighter it color, some greenish gray. I will try to make a photo next time I encounter this bird. It looks like it like my rubbish bin :)

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Common Starling? In which case it is also introduced.

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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No it is a different bird. Try to make a photo today if see it.

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Female blackbird can appear grey/brown colour, in the upper parts. Would love a photo so it can be ID. Goodluck, and hopefully something native!

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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No Blackbirds in Logan. It would probably be a Common Myna or Indian Myna which is an introduced pest.

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