The Return of the Zebra Finches

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The Return of the Zebra Finches

October 1989 was the month of the last observation of a Zebra Finch at my place on the s.e. slopes of the Mt Lofty Ranges in SA. Temperatures inland where Zebra Finches are much more likely to be found are as high as 48 degrees whereas we've been basking, so to speak, in much milder temperatures of about 31 degrees. Our milder temperatures are due to us being at the northern extremity of a south easterly air flow. Lucky us.

It was with considerable interest that I heard & saw two Zebra Finches, both youngsters, here this morning. My strong suspicion is that these birds were seeking relief from the inland heat & that we may see more inland species at our place given that climate change is now affecting Australia.

However, I note that October 1989 was not abnormally hot but the environment at our place was at that time mainly grassland with remnant roadside Drooping Sheoaks Allocasuarina verticillata the preferred Zebra Finch habitat. The vegetation structure was much, much more open than it is today.

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