Signs of Spring

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Signs of Spring

Saw the first two snakes of the season:

Red Wattlebirds swooping low among low ground covers alerted me to a Red-bellied Black Snake, the first I've seen at my place for many years. I suspect the Red Wattlebirds are nesting nearby because a few minutes later one of them harrassed a Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo which came near to the spot where the snake had been seen.

A Brown Falcon with a Common Brown Snake in its bill & harrassed by several Australian Magpies.

A couple of days ago I heard the first Rainbow Bee-eaters.

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All the skinks have come out at my place and I have seen most of the regular migrants except for Dollarbird.

There is a baby Little Wattlebird being fed right now outside my window.

I have not seen any snake's yet though.

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The water dragons are about at my place, diving into the creek when I come near. No dollarbirds here either, last year they swooped us when we came near the nest. Heard the first tree frogs the other day.

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Harrassed by a Dusky Woodswallow today, an indicator of breeding nearby.

About 60 Little Ravens congregating along a neighbour's fence & on a nearby rock outcrop. I don't know if this is a sign of spring or random social behaviour.

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I find the Little Ravens tends to congregate in Autumn winter. 

in spring smaller flocks do display flights. 

they obviously congregate at food sources, i've seen flocks upwards of ~600 at a local rubbish tip. 

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