Sunday Morning on Rivermouth

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Sunday Morning on Rivermouth

Went down to the Collie River mouth for first time in a long time.

A few of the locals awaking for the day.

Very happy to get a close shot even if sun was behind the subject of the Spoonbill.

Would be obliged if any one can ID the little songbird in the first photo.

Of course finishing with the obligatory Osprey shot :)

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Nice set, the sun on the spoonbill is nice because it gives it a sort of glow. 

I would guess the first bird to be some sort of whistler

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera


Good selection of birds there - you dont seem to have any trouble finding an osprey!. I  see they have fish for breakfast as well as lunch!

I like way you have framed the darter shot,  a very striking shot.

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Thanks guys 

Yes WD , I'm very lucky with proliferation of Ospreys in recent years

I'm getting to that enviable stage where " oh it's just  another osprey" :)

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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Especially love the spoonbill shot. Wonderful photos.

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Lovely collection of birds, I too love the Spoonbill and the Osprey

I would say your first bird is a Grey Shrike-Thrush

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