4 Young Channel-billed Cuckoos

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4 Young Channel-billed Cuckoos

There is one pair of extremely harrassed Pied Currawongs trying to keep up the food supply to four young Channel-billed Cuckoos in Northbridge (Sydney) in and around the Northbridge Baths carpark in Widgiewa Road. They are normally quite easily seen, and their constant calls for food will draw your eyes to them. All looking very healthy - unlike their unsuspecting foster parents!
Is this unusual for one pair of Currawongs to be looking after 4 young cuckoos? The cuckoos look (and sound) to be of different ages - 2 each of similar ages.
Take a look soon if you want to see them - they'll be on their way fairly soon.

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I live in Caringbah and we had two juvenile channel billed cuckoos being fed by a magpie. One was larger and had more adult colouring and has flown the coop. The remaining juvenile is still very dependant upon the magpie and is constantly calling. Anyone living in and around Actinotus Avenue will surely have heard.Fascinating to watch the feeding.

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Saw the same thing happening in my partners backyard a few weeks back. Bird cuckoo was being fed by a Currawong (are they silly or what??)

As far as I know thats how these particular birds are brought up - by unassuming Magpies and Currawongs.

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Just to add to the above, I spotted in in Pennant Hills.

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I posted an item asking for help re Channel Billed Cuckoos under General before I read this section.

A friend of mine (also Northern Beaches) had a Channel Billed Cuckoo in a Noisy Miner nest in her garden - what torture!

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