Grey Falcon

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Grey Falcon

Hi everybody!

Last year on a trip around Australia I spotted a Grey Falocn
when travelling through North Eastern SA at a place called Farina.I saw it attack and Australian Hobby above a dry creek bed it looked as though it may have been protecting a nest.
Probably the rarest bird Ive ever seen, very majestic.


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Hi Birdfreak,

I enjoyed reading your thread about your Grey Falcon sighting. I too have seen them a few times near my home in Central West Queensland and have had the privilege of spending a weekend observing them at the nest with Jonny Schoenjahn, who is doing a long term study of them.

Are you interested in reporting your sighting to Jonny? If you don't know about him and his project already, his website is one of the first that comes up if you type, 'grey falcon' into google and his e-mail is on the site.


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Hi Keith.

I emailed John and told him about my sighting, just waiting for a reply now. Thanks.


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