Peregrine in Earlwood

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Peregrine in Earlwood

This is no great photo but it is a great find:

From records dating back to 1940 there were very sparse sightings.

Rankin says "Return noted in July 1990. Records in 1993 to 1996 and in 1999 and 2000, all from Turrella Reserve."

From Rankin, Birds of Wolli Valley

The falcon is pictured on the exhaust stack of the M5E. Not sure if there's enough space there for it to nest.

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It's always good to see something new or rare. Sounds like you've had a couple of fortunate sightings down your way. Well done.

Jenny - a bird in the hand is worth ... releasing.

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Wow, great shot.
Hope he's not breathing in too much pollution there!

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