Swift Parrot habitat being evelualuated before dam consteuction

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Swift Parrot habitat being evelualuated before dam consteuction

Articlle from today Mercury Online (Hobart).

Hopefully the environment is being considered and commercial/political interests will be stopped. Won't hold my breath though. 


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You’re wise to keep your expectations low. So often environmental assessments are tokenistic. They often are undertaken to show that wrecking the environment won’t have any effect on the environment. 

How crass it is that Tassal should benefit from the building of a Swift Parrot-destroying dam after the Four Corners expose of their nefarious practices. The proposal to build this dam is part of a pathological attitude towards the environment, I suggest.

I also note several comments on the article which claim that the Swift Parrot isn’t endangered because there are plenty of them around. It would seem the identification skills of the pro-damming anti-Swift Parroters leave a lot to be desired. 

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I struggle to see why they need to do an assesment. Of course it's going to destroy habitat and affect not only the parrots and the Quolls but every living creature in that area. It's like saying you are going to asses whether driving a car at 100km an hour into a brick wall is going to cause damage to the car.

At the end of the day the government will do what they want irrespective of the assesment. They will find ways around it, that's one of the only things Goventments are good at doing. Finding loopholes in order to get what they want despite common sense or other opinions. Oh and finding ways to fleece tax payers out of their money.

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Precisely. On all fronts, Devster. Organisations, particularly governments use words & phrases to suit their own purposes. "Sustainable", "benefit", "multi-use" & so on are words used to cover a multitude of sins. Look for them in government reports & assessments. Even the people who do the assessing are under pressure to say what they think the government wants them to say. Otherwise they won't be asked to do any more assessing thus costing them money & careers.

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