There are happy endings

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There are happy endings

Hi All,

Well, this morning we had a major collision. We had taken the curtains down for washing, so all the front windows could be seen through. This apparently was disasterous because as the Red Browed Finches were exploring the front yard, our resident Butcher Bird flew down into the flock. Two Finches went flying into the windows, followed by the Butcher Bird, who also slapped against the same window. I went out straight away onto the verandah, and found three very disorientated birds indeed. Luckily, we have a dozen boxes in the house, and were able to house each bird in it's own box. We placed them in a dark, quiet room for an hour and checked on them. The finches were quiet, and the Butcher Bird was already moving about. We were able to release him and watch him fly off into his tree in the back yard. The Finches took another 1/2hr before we heard them chirping.

I'm so glad this ended well for all concerned smiley - but does anyone out there know how to avoid incidents like this in the future?

Take Care,


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That's a very good outcome for all , the birds and you. That's why I have given up on cleaning windowswinkCleaning killssad

When birds hit my windows , they still do when birds are chasing eachother. I cover them loosely with kitchen towels. When they recover and are strong enough they will fly off. You just have to make sure there aren't any cats aroundangry

Glad the Butcherbird is fine, I lnow how much you like them.


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Apart from putting a STOP or speed restriction sign in each window I suspect windows are one of the hazards of being a bird near human habitation. I've read that some folk stick decals & other paraphernalia on their windows but this kind of defeats the purpose of having windows.

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