Trouble Filling Out Bird Surveys

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Trouble Filling Out Bird Surveys

Hey everyone. I'm  new to the forum but have been a member of the website for a bit and have been a frequent visitor to BIBY even when I wasn't registered. 

I would really like to fill out a few of these bird survey forms, especially the ones about the Koel and the Channel-Billed Cuckoo, but i'm having a bit of trouble because I get confusing red speech mark error messages, for example, I type in the longditude and latitude correctly and then I get a message saying "Number must be between -90 - 90" or when I go to the Common Koel Survey, I don't know quite how many Koels are in my area but there are more than 2, I estimate the number of Koels there are (I think there are about 6)  so I type in "6" to name the number of Koels in your area. Then I get a message saying "There must be a number inserted or no number inserted at all if you don't ...." or some weird jazz.

I'm a bit confused. 

I really hope someone can help me.



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Hi Cameron - we have a video that might be helpful: Its for the backyard bird surveys but it explains setting about the About My Garden section. So you don't have to do 'lat/longs', go you 'Your Account' (top left), select 'About My Garden' and enter your location in there. It should automatically locate you then when you go to the survey. There has been a recent glitch where that hasn't worked for the single species surveys so instead, at the bottom of the map there is a search bar on the survey page, enter your address there and it will locate you.

Sounds like there are some other weird glitches going on too - I will spend some time on it tomorrow when I am in the office...

We are hoping to secure funding to revamp the surveys this year as the current ALA set up we are using isn't working well enough for us.


Hi Holly

Thanks for the reply

I'd love to do the bird surveys for fun and for help.

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