Two pigeon eggs FREE to pickup in Melbourne

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Two pigeon eggs FREE to pickup in Melbourne

Hi everyone, I'm new here.  I've been advertising some pigeon eggs for free on Gumtree but no takers at this stage, so I thought I'd try here.  I'm bound to reach the right audience this time and needs to be ASAP!

My two healthy, friendly pigeons (a black father and black/white mother) hatched and raised two beautiful black/white kids two months ago and now they have laid another two eggs and are taking turns incubating them 24/7.

I don't want any more birds so will be removing the eggs later this week.  Is anyone interested in having them for FREE to incubate and raise themselves?

Please let me know.

Pickup area is St Albans, Victoria.

Thanks for reading!


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Today, I had a lovely little honeyeater come through the open front door to visit...oops! It couldn't get out again and kept flapping at the windows. Then it flew into the the 'spare room' which barely has room for a moth let alone a human trying to herd up a honeyeater!

I waited for an hour but the bird's navigation seemed to only be forward, not back to the open door.

Then I had a brainwave....the only time you should open an umbrella indoors is if you need to gently encourage a small stressed bird out to the front door. Because of all the obstacles, I couldn't get behind the bird but the umbrella reached nicely. The bird just watched the umbrella which I gently angled behind it and it flew forward. The umbrella gave me a sense of protection? I don't know why! 2 gentle scoops and the honeyeater was outside singing as it joined its mate. So, consider an umbrella as a low stress bird herding tool.

Thanks, Susan

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Is this some secret code for saying you want the pigeon eggs? :)  What time are you coming around?

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