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Unknown bird

Been watching a pair of birds hanging around in some nearby fig trees for a few days now.

I'm almost 99% sure they're Koels going on the the pairs colour morphology and the other resident birds high agression towards them, but the calls I'm hearing from them aren't matching up with any recordings I've found or that I know what a Koel sounds like (I can hear one kooeeing as I type this haha).
They aren't big or clumsy enough to be Pheasant Coucals, nor do the calls match and in suburban Newcastle it's unlikely, but I can't think of any other suspects.

I'll try get an audio of the strange calls these things are making if they come back again, but until then any ideas for similar species I may be able to match the call to?



If you want to check out the BiBY factsheet on the koel and look down the right hand column, you can listen to the 2 calls that the koel makes. Presently I cannot think of any similar calls, but if I do I'll be sure to post it.

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